Behind the Page

Girl in the World is a blog aimed at inspiring honesty and bravery in the difficult world we live in. Written by a college student, the site strives to spur thought and drive difficult dialogues that get hidden in society. The goal is to remind readers and writer alike to be the best versions of themselves and to realize they are never alone. You are beautiful, unique, and worthy of love!

My name is Maddie Sykes and I’m an English and Theatre major at Santa Clara University in California.

I have always been an expressive person and an avid reader, writer, and thinker. For a long period of time, I kept journals and wrote stories and poetry as a way to Then, during my senior year of high school, I found myself overwhelmed by the college decision process and the stereotypes surrounding it. I wrote a Facebook post, my own version of a college decision announcement, except that mine turned into a full length essay, riddled with opinions and observations. The post received far more attention than I ever imagined, as people spoke up, telling me that they agreed with what I had to say but just never had the courage to say it. Looking for a way to more easily share that original post, I started this blog.

I have found writing to be the best way to express my emotions and thoughts as a student in an age of people who tend to keep to themselves, in an age where caring is a problem and beauty is skin deep. I have found that writing is one of the only ways that we can realize we are not alone, that other people share our experiences and feelings, even the ones that we are too afraid or ashamed to admit on a daily basis. Writing is a point of connection.

A Girl In the World is a blog centered around common phenomena that I observe and things that I have learned, all shared here in the hopes that it will inspire us to be honest expressions of ourselves. Because expressing ourselves is the only way we can make a positive difference on the world around us.